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Selected Past Events.

2017 IEA Global Enneagram Conference, San Antonio, TX. July 21-23, 2017.

The Three Instincts Workshop, Berkeley, CA & Grand Rapids, MI. March 2017 & July 2016.

Journey of Growth (Levels) Workshop, Chicago, IL & Seattle, WA. June, August 2016.

Communication Styles for Success, San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL & Seattle, WA. August 2016, November, July, June, April, March and January 2015, November 2014.

IEA Global Conference, Burlingame, CA. July 31-August 2, 2015
Communication Styles for Success

Exploring the Enneagram / Introduction to the Enneagram, San Francisco, Oakland & Modesto CA. July 2015, SeptemberMayFebruary, and January 2014, November and September 2013

Communication Styles in Autism, San Francisco, CA. June 2015

2015 Canadian Enneagram Conference, Toronto, ON. May 15-17, 2015
Communication Styles for Success

Personality Types and Teamwork, San Francisco, CA. January 2015, November 2015

Constructive Conflict Resolution, San Francisco, CA. January 2015

Innovation at Work: AASCEND 15th Anniversary Conference, San Francisco, CA. October 18, 2014
Interpersonal Communication Styles: Can tools like the Enneagram help in autism?

Using the Enneagram for Self-Empowerment, Walnut Creek, CA. October 2014

Wise Women’s Retreat, Moss Beach, CA. September 6, 2014
Using the Enneagram for Self-Empowerment

IEA Global Conference, Burlingame, CA. July 25-27, 2014
The Enneagram and Ayurveda as Complementary Practices

European Enneagram Conference, Carcavelos, Portugal. April 25-27, 2014
The Enneagram and Ayurveda as Complementary Practices

The Three Instinct Love Languages, Online, February 11th and 25th, 2014.

Introduction to the Enneagram for Spiritual Growth, San Francisco, CA. October 11, 2013

IEA Global Conference, Denver, CO. August 2-4, 2013 (Kacie only)
Panelist: The Future of the Enneagram in the Young Adults of Today (Earl Wagner) and A Conversation by Young People About the Meaning of Death (Elizabeth Wagele)

IEA Global Conference, Long Beach, CA. July 27-29, 2012
Presentation: The Dynamism of Mental Health: Using the Enneagram to Treat the Severely Mentally Ill